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Old enough to count as an experienced professional. Young enough to go the extra mile.

Users of connection technology have been trusting components from CONTA-CLIP for more than 30 years. One reason is because we are able to offer them a diversified assortment of excellent solutions 'Made in Germany'. And another reason is because we don't just consider ourselves to be purely manufacturers, but versatile service providers and committed partners to industry.

We are a medium-sized, family run company that places its core values of reliability and customer orientation at the centre of its everyday business. That includes being prepared to continuously optimise our value creation chain and to adapt individually to the specific applications and requirements of widely differing branches of industry. That is how we are able to create our specific solutions for the automobile industry, railway vehicle and track technology, materials handling, building automation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, mechanical and systems engineering, instrumentation and control systems, instrument panel construction, marine engineering, control systems, transformer construction and environmental technology.

Screw Clamp Connection DIN Rail Mount

-Single Level; Dual Level; Triple Level
-Feed Through
-Electronic Components Blocks
Wire Size:2.5mm² to 240mm² (AWG 22 to 3); Ratings: 300 to 600V UL; 30 to 370A UL
Material: Polyamide 6.6 V2 rated RK, BKA, FRK and SL Series; VO rated SRK and RK-PA-G Series
Temperature Rating: up to 120°C (248°F)

Leaf Spring Connection DIN Rail Mount

>Tool-less termination, simple push in the prepared wire
>Provides the fastest wire termination available for solid wire or stranded wire with a ferrule
-Feed Trough 2, 3 and 4 clamp configurations
-Ground 2, 3 and 4 clamp configurations
-Dual Internal Jumper Provisions
Wire Size: 0.5mm² to 6.0mm² (AWG 28 to10) Ratings: 600V UL; 12.5 to 32A UL
Material: Polyamide 6.6 VO
Temperature Rating: Up to120°C (248°F)

Spring Clamp Connection DIN Rail Mount

-Single Level 2, 3 and 4 Clamps; Dual Level 4 Clamps; Triple Level 6 Clamps
-Feed Through
-Dual Internal Plug-In Jumper Provisions
Wire Size: 2.5mm² to 16mm² (AWG 20-4 ); Ratings: 600V UL; 35 to 65A UL
Material: Polyamide 6.6 VO
Temperature Rating: up to 120°C (248°F)

High Power Stud Terminal Blocks

-Single and Dual Stud Design
-Stud Size from M5 to M12
-Snap On Partitions and Covers
-2 and 3 Pole Cross Connectors
Wire Size: 16.0mm² to 120mm² (AWG 8 to 00);
Ratings: 1000V; 50 to 225A
Material: Polyamide 6.6 VO
Temperature Rating: up to 120°C (248°F)

Power Distribution Block

-Compact Space Saving Design
-DIN Rail and Panel Mount
-Single and Three Phase Blocks
-7 to 24 Screw Clamps
Wire Size: 6.0mm² to 70.0mm² (AWG 8 to 350mcm)
Rating: 600V; 80 to 310A
Material: Housing Polyamide 6.6 VO; Clamping Body Brass
Temperature Rating: Up to120°C (248°F)

CONTA-CLIP, Inc. Exclusive Agent for Tele Products in the US



Monitoring Components & Time Relays

Modern machines and systems must work permanently and reliably. Even minimum irregularities of individual components may have far-reaching effects and bring down complex systems. To prevent this complexity from ending in chaos, intelligent solutions are required to maintain order and control.
Precisely this is the task which TELE devices undertake when assuming responsibility at crucial points of a system. Here everything is about precise measurement and regulation of parameters such as current, voltage, temperature, filling level, phase sequence or effective power.

Cord Grips

Conta-Clip offers one of the most comprehensive selections of Cord Grips. From standard to special applications, Conta-Clip can supply an unparalleled line of high quality Cord Grips to satisfy practically any requirement. Providing cable protection solutions that range from single cable straight through, bend and pull/bend protection, increased strain relief, flat and multicable to EMI/RFI protection. An extensive selection of accessories complement our Cord Grip program, providing additional possibilities for your application.

High Performance

Engineers’ Number One choice for demanding applications, tough environment and special requirements.
High Performance Cord Grips are outstanding performers, providing a superior liquid-tight seal in a variety of materials and functions to meet any requirement.

Standard Cord Grips

The right choice for reliability and safety – technically advanced to meet today’s requirements.
Standard Cord Grips are proven performers, providing a reliable liquid-tight seal and strain relief in a variety of materials and functions to match your application.


As a designer and specifier of today's sophisticated electronic control systems and automation products, it is your responsibility to ensure that your designs will perform as intended. Subsequently, it is extremely important that the EMC Integrity of your design be maintained. If the EMC requirements are not addressed head on and incorporated into your design and planning from the very beginning, it could jeopardize the efficiency and the ultimate operational capability of your system, product or process. Faced with this possibility, it is necessary for you to identify and employ any product which could eliminate the disruptive and damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation and thereby increase the reliability and enhance the EMC Performance of your design. Besides helping to satisfy EMC Requirements, as well as comply with national and international EMC Guidelines, use of TOR-SPRING™ Cord Grips will provide you with a high degree of confidence that planned shielding performance will be realized on each and every application. In summary, Tor-Spring™ Cord Grips can provide an additional level of assurance that your overall design objectives will be reached. And, the system or product will function exactly as planned while the EMC Performance attained will be repeatable and unaffected by installation variables beyond your control.


Marine Cord Grips are specifically designed to withstand mechanical stress and to provide protection for electrical installation in rough maritime conditions. They are also suited to be used for heavy equipment applications.


Conta-Clip offers an extensive selection of accessories to complement every Cord Grip application.

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